bringin' on the heartbreak

If you’re enjoying the schoolyard incompetence of Stephen Harper’s campaign, you’re going to love the wholesale ineptitude of Couch Boys, who last week were so terrible at forecasting the outcome of National Football League games that a randomly selected monkey could have easily done better – and, for the record, made less of a mess. Never before have two men made such an awful series of decisions and not ended up in bed with Tara Reid.

Can they reverse their bad fortune? Will they redeem themselves in Week 2? How many paragraphs will it take for them to reference William Shatner, Peter Falk, Lindsay Lohan’s purported lesbianism and Pour Some Sugar On Me? Click over to Couch Boys and find out. (Unless you don’t feel like clicking over to Couch Boys, in which case the answer is: five. Five paragraphs.)

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