Britney Spears + gnu = world's horniest gnu

According to Drudge, scientists in Britain have been given approval to create half-human, half-animal embryos. Some suggestions:

Proposed hybrid: Jessica Simpson + rhino
Likely result: Pretty much just a rhino – but with huge, huge breasts, which would be awesome.

Proposed hybrid: Jack Black + feral chimpanzee
Likely result: A more subdued version of Jack Black.

Proposed hybrid: Paris Hilton + alcoholic dingo
Likely result: Lindsay Lohan.

Proposed hybrid: Rosie O’Donnell + cow
Likely result: Baffled scientists struggling to determine what keeps taking big bites out of that cow embryo.

Proposed hybrid: Kevin Federline + parrot
Likely result: The makings of the best reality show ever

Proposed hybrid: Charlie Sheen + pretty much any animal
Likely result: Come sun-up, Charlie slipping out of bed and mumbling something about having to get to work.