BTC: Good news Friday

Hey, no criminal charges on the Cadman affair. Fantastic. Surely high-fives are being exchanged all over Ottawa as we speak.

So anyway. Now that this is a good news story, maybe the Conservatives will volunteer the identities of all party officials and associates who were interviewed in the process of the RCMP investigation. The Liberals asked half a dozen times this week and dependable James Moore politely declined to elaborate.

Parliament’s off now for a week, so Moore will be spared the inconvenience of standing and obfuscating any further on this, but I’ve dropped an e-mail to the Prime Minister’s deputy secretary and the party’s primary spokesman. Given today’s wonderful turn of events, I anticipate they will respond promptly and fully. Updates to follow.

Update. Well. Look what the press gallery was just notified of.

Date: May 16 
Time: 15:30 
Participant(s): Hon. James Moore MP
Location: Foyer Centre Block 
Subject: Media availability

Update II. Moore, accompanied by Peter Van Loan’s press secretary, read a short statement—the content of which could be paraphrased as “We’re innocent I tells ya! And those pesky kids on the opposition side will pay for this!” He took about a half dozen questions. Twice he was asked to clarify what the Prime Minister meant by “financial considerations” on that infamous tape. Twice he dodged.

As soon as a French reporter asked about the latest revelations concerning Maxime Bernier’s ex, Moore suddenly had somewhere else to be.

Bonus rumour whispered while reporters waited for Moore to arrive: the government is preparing to release the results of its NAFTA leak investigation this afternoon.