BTC: John Baird will respect you in the morning

The following is a transcript of the start and tail end of John Baird’s post-QP scrum today. (I’ve cut about eight questions from the middle of conversation.)

Reporter: (Inaudible) bring in a revenue neutral tax.  Is that (inaudible)?

Baird: I think Canadians, you know, this tax will be revenue neutral it’s like the cheque is in the mail, it’s like I’ll respect you in the morning.  It’s just not believable...

Moderator: All right, guys.  Thanks.

Baird: Thank you.  

Reporter: Where’s the [regulations]?

Baird: Sorry? We’re right on schedule.

Reporter: Yeah, I’ve been waiting for those for months too.

Baird: No, we’re right on schedule.

Reporter: The cheque’s in the mail, right?

Baird: We’re right on schedule.

For the record, those regulations are due in the fall. Of 2009.