Cake? Check. Presents? Check. Celebration? Check.

Prince Charles turns 65

In the flurry of articles and analysis marking Prince Charles’s 65th birthday, one stands out. It is a rare, revealing interview with his wife, Camilla, done by the Telegraph (the article and video are here). It turns out, living with the heir to the throne is “exhausting” since he’s “not one for chilling,” preferring instead to keep “working, working, working.” And, as only Camilla can do, she dishes on life inside the gilded fishbowl. Truly the best section is when she moans about buying presents for him:

I will tell you that he is the most difficult person in the world to buy a present for. He is a man! They are hopeless! I spend ages trying to find something that is really wonderful and then [she mimes him opening a present] “Oh, thank you very much” [she uses a non-committal voice]. It is so annoying. So he likes to make a list of things that he wants so you get it exactly right. I find this time of year impossible as it’s his birthday and then it’s Christmas, so you have got two in a row. Everybody else is easy but he is not.

But she’s finally figured it out: china for the history-loving prince.

For a full round up of articles, see the news section of the great Unofficial Royalty website, which scans publications for all things purple-tinged. A fabulous one-stop shop!

And yup, Charles got a cake. The British Monarchy channel on Youtube has the video to prove it.

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