California, Here McGrath Comes

I’m sad and happy to read Denis McGrath’s post today, where he announces that he has a job in Los Angeles and is suspending his blog, Dead Things On Sticks, for the duration.

Happy because he’s a good guy and a good writer, and I’m glad he got the job. Sad because Dead Things On Sticks has been one of the best TV blogs around for most of the years I’ve been blogging. To the extent that I am more interested in the Canadian TV scene than I was a few years ago, it’s because of what I learned from his blog, or from the other blogs I discovered through him.

We’ve still got the other blogs he mentions (plus hopefully this will drive me to pick up some slack and write more about the behind-the-scenes world of our TV business), along with the invaluable Diane Wild, but this is going to leave a gap. But, more importantly, his blog is part of the reason why the gap is not as big as it would have been if he’d left a few years before. We know a lot more about Canadian television, the business and craft of it, the promise and potential and frustrations of it, because of that blog.