Canada-US Happenings -

Canada-US Happenings


From today’s Inbox:

— Perrin Beatty, President and CEO of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce is the luncheon speaker tomorrow at the US Chamber of Commerce in Washington, DC. He’ll be talking trade, borders and regulations. From his speech: “I believe that it is time for the national leaders to commit the United States and Canada to a new generation of negotiation, to take the Canada-U.S. partnership to a higher level. The time is right, and the need is apparent.”

— The Canadian American Business Council will hold an event in Vancouver on Nov. 5 to analyze the impact of the mid-term elections on US policy going forward. Obama at the Mid-Term: Where to Next?

Featured speakers: Obama Administration officials from the Departments of Homeland Security, Commerce and Energy
Honourable Stockwell Day, Treasury Board of Canada
Joel Babbit, CEO and Co-Founder, Mother Nature Network
Dawna Friesen, Global TV National News Anchor
Aaron Leibowitz, Republican Strategist
Marie-Lynne Desrochers, VP, Global Transaction Solutions, RBC Royal Bank
Susannah Pierce, Head, Government Affairs, Shell Canada
Janice Adair, State of Washington liaison, Western Climate Initiative


— And congratulations to Colin Robertson, the former Head of the Advocacy Secretariat at the Canadian Embassy in Washington and as Consul General in Los Angeles, well known to Canada-watchers in DC, who is being made an honorary captain in the Canadian Navy.

“Honorary Naval Captains are quite visible, attending significant naval, Canadian Forces and public events and ceremonies in uniform across the country. … Honorary Naval Captains act as bridges between military and civilian communities, representing diverse areas of Canadian society, from politics and business to journalism and the arts. They bring with them unique skills and connections that help to strengthen the navy’s ties to Canadian communities and to promote a better understanding of maritime defence issues.”

This blog awaits your photo in uniform, Colin.



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