Canadian democracy: Think of it as authoritarianism with manners.

Can this (scroll down to No. 2) possibly be true? Can one really be tossed out of the Parliament Buildings for wearing a Greenpeace T-shirt? WTFF? (The first F is the adjective version of the second F.)

Talk about a policy that can’t withstand even the first of the myriad questions it raises. For instance: Who gets to decide what is considered “political or partisan?” Is my red tie a form of Liberal propaganda? Is my sweater vest an acrylic-based tribute to Stephen Harper? Is my moustache turning on Olivia Chow?

On the other hand, I suppose we want to preserve decorum. We wouldn’t want a few people in Amnesty International hoodies or Ayn Rand hot pants sullying the sacred non-partisan traditions of our elected representatives.

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