Caption Challenge: Special “If I lose my job as PM I'm a shoo-in for the Rockettes” Edition


There are times when I make the decision to hold a Caption Challenge. And then there are times when the decision is made for me – in this case by Stephen Harper, who really left me no choice the instant his right foot left the ground. At this rate, the next time Harper drops his kid off at school for the cameras, he’ll do so not with a handshake but a Busby Berkeley musical number.

In a spirit of nonpartisanship, permit me to acknowledge the Prime Minister’s remarkable range of motion and straightness of leg. Deeply impressive, and I’m not even kidding. Turns out it’s not just his political ideology that’s completely flexible.

So make with the captions already. This challenge closes Monday afternoon, at which time a winner will be declared by a jury of me. Prizery will ensue.