Caption Challenge: Special “We’ve Gone and Taken Our Jackets Off – Your Move, Economic Crisis!” Edition

The winner shall receive a $40-billion budgetary shortfall (Actual prize probably something nicer)

Caption Contest

Wherry has already mentioned the photo op that led to this not-at-all awkward portrait of “Shirtsleevery in a Time of Crisis,” so let us (ie. me) not dwell.

Instead, let us (ie. you) simply come up with a caption that is equal parts hilarious comedy and penetrating insight – or at least one that marvels at the sheer number of inanimate props handed out for the occasion (documents, a coffee cup, Jim Flaherty).

As befits the occasion, the winner shall receive a $40-billion budgetary shortfall. What a precious heirloom to pass down to your children and your children’s children! (Actual prize probably something nicer.)