CBS Giveth & CBS Taketh, And Maybe Later Giveth Back

Via Diane,  CBS has rendered inoperative some of my jokes about how American shows can’t compete with Canadian shows in the marketplace. Or at least they’re inoperative until 2010.

CBS has rescinded its decision to bring back “Flashpoint” this summer.

The first of nine new episodes had been set for Fridays at 9:00/8:00c starting July 17.

Network sources have confirmed the change as the Canadian import will now return at midseason. Repeats however will continue in said hour for the rest of the summer.

Actually, this doesn’t seem at first glance like bad news for the show: the summer return to CBS was likely to consist only of episodes that had been produced but not yet aired on that network (they didn’t finish showing all of the first season). By holding it until midseason, they could hold those episodes over and “premiere” them with the actual season two episodes produced by CTV. But further announcements will clarify what this means exactly.

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