Charlie Sheen says stuff again

The hilarity of it all is lessened by the fear he's self-destructing before our eyes

As it often does, TMZ stole the thunder of the broadcast networks by trumping their shorter Sheen interviews with this unedited live (well, not any more) interview.

[vodpod id=Video.5666918&w=640&h=350&fv=vid%3D13007706%26amp%3Bautoplay%3Dfalse]

What is there left to say, really, at this point, at least until we have a better idea of what’s going to happen to his show (rumours about CBS courting John Stamos, while plausible, don’t appear to be true at this point)? The guy spontaneously comes up with funnier dialogue than almost any comedy on TV (certainly including his own); it’s like he’s a Beat poet, and in fact the interview works even better if you play an audio clip of bongo drums at the same time.

The hilarity is lessened by the fear that he’s self-destructing before our eyes, though if he is, it’s not very high on the list of tragic things in the world. One thing Sheen always conveys is that he hasn’t been “destroyed” or “led astray” by anybody; he enjoys being this way, and emphasizes that he’s having fun and the rest of us puny mortals are jealous of him. If he completely melts down (more so, I mean) that will have been completely his own decision. So I think that’s one reason this particular meltdown has been so entertaining. There’s usually a guilt factor involved, the knowledge that we’re sort of standing by while someone is endangering himself. There’s certainly a guilt factor here as well, but there’s also the feeling that he knows exactly what he’s doing and wouldn’t listen (hasn’t listened) to anyone, whether or not there was a media circus going on.

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