Coming to a milk carton near you

Where's Michael Ignatieff? Scott Feschuk wants answers.

Back from some time away and, okay, very funny and everything guys but, um, what have you done with Michael Ignatieff?

I swear – he was right here when I left. Tall guy. Smart. Fairly eyebrowy. Come on, you remember him! He was threatening this and wagging his finger at that – then he flipped a pancake or two out in Calgary and… poof! Gonzo.

Has anybody checked the salons of 18th century Europe?

Don’t get me wrong: I understand the rigors of a relaxing leadership mosey grueling leadership marathon could leave even the most resilient of politicians aching for some R&R.

And I totally get that it takes a lot out of a man to exercise the will required to extract from our Prime Minister a concession as formidable as a panel to look into the possibility of examining certain potential changes that could theoretically be made to Employment Insurance eventually.

Plus, he wrote that book that totally captured the public imagination just like Cutthroat Island and 3D Doritos.

But enough clowning around, guys. Where’d you stash him?