Connect2Canada interviews me -

Connect2Canada interviews me


Turning the tables on this reporter, Connect2Canada has interviewed me about how I came to cover Washington for Maclean’s and to found my new website dedicated to tracking Canada-US relations, You can listen to the podcast here. I’m honored!

For whose that don’t know, Connect2Canada is a Website that aims to keep ex-pat Canadians, living in the United States, in touch with their roots through targeted news, events, social networking, as a rich array of information about what is happening in Canada in the form of email newsletters, website features and a variety of social media.  It’s run out of the Canadian Embassy in Washington with help from Canadian consulates around the US.  One of their periodic features is a podcast interview with Canadians in the US. Other recent interviews include a Canadian astronaut and the artistic director of the Cirque du Soleil.

I had tried to profile the director for the Get to Know… section of Bilateralist, but there was a lot of discomfort in singling out any particular person as the face of the service because it’s such a collective enterprise. So instead we have a “Get to Know” profile of Connect2Canada itself. Apparently, it likes to drink ice wine.


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