Dear Alaska: please send a "Wonder Palin" thong

So far Democratic Convention kitsch in Denver >>> Republican Convention kitsch in St. Paul.

They have a few lame and overpriced t-shirts here and there and some toy stuffed elephants, but I still can’t find the equivalent of the “Barack is My Home Boy” bumber sticker, the pro-Obama beaded bracelets made by  peasants in Guatemala, or even a John McCain action figure to go with this one. Other than the Repubican themed boxes of Kraft Mac ‘n Cheese, and the “Nobama” stickers, it’s been scarce.

Turns out, the good stuff is in Alaska.

From the Anchorage Daily News:

“Local and Internet-based businesses are cranking out Sarah Palin products — from “Palin Power” maternity T-shirts to “Wonder Palin” thong underwear. …”

“…Alaska Serigraphics, an Anchorage company, said it will produce pro-Palin T-shirts that will be offered for sale at downtown gift shops, possibly as soon as Friday.

“Our mama beats your Obama,” reads one of the company’s T-shirt designs.”

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