Deleted scenes (IV) -

Deleted scenes (IV)


The assessment and advice of a Conservative strategist that didn’t make it into the final version of the story.

Ignatieff and his team started off the wrong way; they drove up expectations about their man and his abilities. That was a recipe Paul Martin tried and failed with. If they keep it up I suspect he will harvest the same result.

Use this dip in the polls to your advantage. Moderate your language and work hard without playing to the “I am better than everyone” stereotype. Be guided by the old Chretien mantra – under promise and over deliver.

Come to understand that the way you feel about the PM is not the way the country feels about him. They don’t get their opponent and his relationship with the public. Until they figure that out they will continue to be bested by him.

Stop putting yourself in ridiculous situations. Don’t draw a line in the sand where the soil has already eroded and therefore look way out of your league.

Hire some people who can bust the leaders balls and be respected for it. Sychophants sink ships. Ask Paul Martin the ex-marine magnate about that.