'Detaining the local yokels and handing them off'

The CBC reviews testimony from the MPCC hearings that indicates Canadian Forces were pressured by Ottawa to transfer detainees as quickly as possible. Separately, Canadian Press reports that Afghan officials refused to accept detainees from Canada this summer due to “insufficient evidence.”

Meanwhile, Ujjal Dosanjh and Claude Bachand call on all leakers, whistleblowers and seconders to step forward.

Liberal MP Ujjal Dosanjh and Bloc Quebecois MP Claude Bachand said they would like to see more leaks from bureaucrats unhappy with the way Afghans captured by the Canadian military were handled…

“It’s an honourable thing to do when a government is not telling you the truth, if you can find an ethical way with integrity to actually expose the lies that the government tells every day in the House,” Dosanjh told reporters.

Said Bachand: “People who have a conscience, and find this is not right, it’s time for them to say it’s not right.”

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