Do as I say, not as I do

Aug. 27, 2008Prime Minister Stephen Harper is sending his clearest signal yet that Canadians will be heading to the polls this fall, saying that “fundamental differences” with the opposition parties make it impossible for his government to tackle looming economic woes. “The country must have a government that can function during a time of economic uncertainty. If it’s not this … Parliament, the public will have an opportunity to decide whom,” Harper told a news conference yesterday.

Aug. 21, 2009With the bipartisan employment insurance panel apparently foundering and with NDP and Bloc Quebecois politicians suggesting a fall election would be best to re-set the federal government’s agenda, some Conservative MPs have spent the summer talking up the merits of a Conservative majority government. But at a press conference in Whitehorse, Harper refused to fan the flames of election speculation.”I travel constantly, have always travelled constantly across the country,” Harper said. “Our focus is on governing this country, on getting this country successfully through the recession. We think we’re going to come out of this recession well. I think the emphasis of all parties in the House of Commons should be working to ensure that we’re working on the economy in the fall and that’s our focus. I have said over and over again I have not met a single real person out there who’s telling me we should be fighting an election right now.”