Donald Sutherland: Traitor?

Or, put another way, Donald Sutherland: Traitor!

1. Donald Sutherland was in British Columbia for the Opening Ceremonies of the Winter Olympics. We all saw him there on Friday night. He was one of the white-suited folks who brought in the Olympic flag.

2. Donald Sutherland was in the Kate Bush video for Cloudbusting. We all saw him there in 1985. He played the inventor of a machine capable of altering the weather and making it rain.

3. It has been raining non-stop in Vancouver and Whistler. It’s been raining so much and so hard that even trained meteorologists now describe the weather simply as “shitty.”

4. Donald Sutherland must die. To the pitchfork shed!

Folks, we didn’t invent cause and effect. We just have to apply it.