Doug Finley did a good job on those attack ads, Doug Finley says

The Globe is ON IT this morning. Two Conservative senators face charges of breaking election laws and the intrepid Jane Taber is there to interview one of them… about what he watches on TV and the nice stained glass windows in his East Block office.

We need to get Taber and Gadhafi in the same desert tent. Moammar, the world will stand for your lies no longer: Those long, lush eyelashes can’t possibly be natural.

A couple weeks back, Taber gave us the mesmerizing scoop on how Gary Lunn is short but doesn’t mind being so on account of HIS TREMENDOUS MOXIE. Then, she obediently transcribed Stephen Harper’s reflections on how Bev Oda is a Hero To Us All.

And now, another puff piece about another prominent Conservative figure – this time Doug Finley, who is allowed ample space to muse on the genius of Conservative attack ads and the party’s brilliant political strategy without anything so impolite as a hard question.

Taber apparently sat down with Finley before the charges became public. When she called him back for comment, he declined to speak with her.  Tellingly, she portrays this not as a dodge but as an Old Party Warhorses Do the Darnedest Things! moment.

To recap: a senior Conservative agreed to be interviewed about how terrific he is – but then refused to talk to the reporter again once he became actual news. This did not stop the Globe from running the piece.

I believe it was Junius who said: WTF?

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