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Hitler Videos Won’t Be Safe Anywhere


You may have heard the news that the Harper government is leaning toward enacting copyright legislation modeled on the U.S.’s Digital Millennium Copyright Act. That’s the wondrous law that got all those Hitler videos pulled from YouTube as soon as the copyright owner said “boo” to YouTube’s management. [Update: Or not. See this comment.] (The people who made these videos can, in theory, challenge the removal by arguing that the videos represent a new creative work that treats the same material. In practice, of course, they can’t challenge it; most people don’t have time to argue legal points against the representatives of a company in another country.) Soon there may be no country where Hitler is safe. But I’m intrigued by one question that was brought up in the comments to this BoingBoing post: if we copy the DMCA, shouldn’t the U.S. sue us for copyright infringement?

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