Er, maybe not

The Liberal leader issues a statement refuting any suggestion he intends to raise taxes and, with Conservatives and New Democrats already on the attack, Canadian Press softens its previous report.

News that Ignatieff was prepared to even discuss the possibility of tax increases was greeted as a political gift by the Conservatives and NDP, who instantly began circulating the story and offering critical comment…

The insiders indicated Ignatieff intends to kick off discussion of the tough choices ahead with a speech Thursday to the Chamber of Commerce in London, Ont. That was to be followed by a series of townhall-style meetings to engage Canadians in the debate.

However, Ignatieff spokesperson Jill Fairbrother said late Wednesday that the leader intends only to continue demanding that the Tories “come clean” on the real fiscal numbers. As part of that, he’ll continue to argue against what Liberals contend is a Tory attempt to muzzle Page. “He doesn’t believe you can develop a plan to get us out of this mess until you know what the real numbers are,” she said. “That is where we’re at and there’s no strategy beyond that.

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