Everwood Fans Rejoice. Maybe.

Fans of Everwood, the show that started Greg Berlanti‘s iron-clad reign over the entire TV universe and provided the last hurrah for the WB network, will be happy to learn that the second season finally seems to be planned for DVD release. Some of the music is being cleared, some isn’t, so, as always, hang on to your tapes.

Interesting how the ’90s and early ’00s had so many shows that followed the same plot pattern, where a city slicker moves to a small town. (Sort of a reverse version of the old city mouse/country mouse story.) There was Northern Exposure, Ed, and bombs like Normal, Ohio, where John Goodman played a gay man who moved from L.A. to small-town Ohio. All these shows did the fish-out-of-water routine, where said city slicker must adjust to life in the new setting. But instead of doing a Green Acres or Newhart thing, where the city slicker is driven crazy by the idiots in the small town, this new breed of show usually portrayed small-town life as adorable and quirky.

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