Four things I enjoyed about the Krieber mani-facebook-o -

Four things I enjoyed about the Krieber mani-facebook-o

Scott Feschuk revels in Janine Krieber’s tirade


1. The use of the word “dictatorship” to describe the government of Stephen Harper. (Like all dictators, Harper can only be removed from office by military coup or, failing that, a bunch of elected people standing up and asking him politely.)

2. The sheer elegance of its tortured logic. The Liberal party is falling apart. It will not recover. But we must take action now to help it recover. Which it won’t do because the party is dead. It died before our very eyes. Which is why we must now make the choice to save it. (Wait a minute – if we save it now, won’t that make it a … zombie party! One upside: I won’t have disinterred Louis St. Laurent for nothing.)

3. The idea that somewhere upon the Canadian political landscape there is a party that is a bastion of pleasure and happiness, a “party where work ethic and competence are respected and where smiles are real.” Some have interpreted this as a reference to the New Democratic Party but from my experience I’m pretty sure she’s describing the Unicorn Party of the Sparkly Pink Bedroom.

4. Something’s boiling on the stove at Stornoway – and, hang on, the pet rabbit is missing from the backyard!

Bonus fifth thing I enjoyed: The part where she states, “I am starting a serious reflection.” I believe this is meant to be a threat of some kind. Y’all better fall in line or I am going muse about the whole lot of you. You heard me, I am going to contemplate you a new one! As God is my witness I AM GOING TO MULL YOU RIGHT OVER!!

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