Friendly Downtown, Ain't It?

Sorry for the lack of posts. For a filler clip, here’s some semi-Canadian content, as well as something that was quite literally a filler episode of SCTV. Three Toronto Second City members who were not members of SCTV — Steven Kampmann, Peter Torokvei and Martin Short — took an old episode of “The Cisco Kid” and re-dubbed it with silly voices and dialogue (much of it implying weird sexual tension of various kinds). The tape became a calling card for the three performers, getting Kampmann and Torokvei hired as Hollywood writers, while Short eventually joined the cast of SCTV when they had another round of cast departures.

The tape was shown as a “special presentation” during the third season of SCTV, though it didn’t become part of the syndication run. It’s an obvious predecessor of Mystery Science Theater 3000 among others. The voices are Torokvei (Cisco and the old violin-playing guy) Short (Pancho) and Kampmann (most of the villains).

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