Fun Fun Fun Fun

This is the music video that was released last month and suddenly became the Plan 9 of bubblegum pop a month later. One of the productions of the mysterious and sinister Ark Music Factory, which apparently specializes in creating these semi-professional songs for young wannabe-Biebers, it’s kind of a textbook example of the difference between bad and incompetent. In most ways this is not that different from the many other bad pop songs now, then and forever (young singer whose voice has been re-processed — AutoTune being the process of choice now; terrible lyrics that don’t even rhyme; bad attempts to cash in on what the creators think is a trend), but unlike the bad pop songs you love to hate or hate to love, this one is not competently done in any area.

An example is the fact that the singer uses this weird nasal voice for the refrain — made even more nasal by the AutoTune — and that the song is filled with words that are mis-accented: “Everybody’s looking forward…” So yeah, the mockery is kind of nasty, but at the same time it shows that we haven’t forgotten about craftsmanship: we are still more forgiving of something that is bad and well-done (a lot of popular music at any time in history) than something that’s bad and incompetent.


The remixes and parodies have already started, of course, such as the performance of “Friday” in its little-known original form as a meditative folk rock tune.

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