Going on the attack

With the Hillary drama over, they’re moving onto the attack — something they generally failed to do so far between the family love-in on Monday and Hillary night yesterday. After a rousing set of “Born in the USA” from Melissa Etheridge, including the line “I’m a hot rockin’ mama in the USA,” Harry Reid, in his mousy way and oddly quiet way, is ripping into the Bush administration on energy — for having oil executives in the White House, and mocking “McCain’s magic offshore oil elixir.

Over at the concession stand, I had a bbq sandwich and a chat with a delegate from Virginia. He was pretty optimistic about Obama’s chances in the state. He said that in past years the party organizers would leave after the primary and wouldn’t be heard from again until the election. This time, he said, they have 30 fully staffed offices in the state, and have a major voter registration effort.

My seatmate tonight is a lady whose daughter went to Princeton with Michelle and to Harvard Law with Barack. She was apparently in Kenya when Barack was named president of the Harvard Law Review and was huge news there even then. She said the Princeton/Harvard crowd of friends just laughed at the notion of Barack as an “elitist” — since he had a reputation as the guy taking the low paying jobs.

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