Guns for everyone

During QP yesterday, Liberal MP Judy Foote announced that Conservative MP Garry Breitkreuz had recently regaled some area high school students with his views on firearms possession. Mr. Breitkreuz disputed Ms. Foote’s characterization.

The Citizen has spoken to the mother whose concerns are the basis for Ms. Foote’s question.

Breitkreuz also supposedly illustrated his arguments with “what if” stories. For instance, he presented the students with a scenario in which a group of eight people confronts a robber with a gun. He suggested it would be better if one of the eight possessed a gun and shot the robber before he had a chance to harm anyone.

The MP also told the students about a study in a community in the United States where there was a high incidence of rape. In an effort to deal with the situation, local authorities offered guns and training to local women. The program was widely publicized — at least 200 women had been trained and armed — and incidents of rape then dropped sharply.

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