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Hanging with the Hip

The Hip and Boyden were in Fort Albany, Ontario to attend The Great Moon Gathering


When Joseph Boyden said he was heading up to the Arctic basin to write a story for us, I was anxious to join him and photograph that part of the country. When he said the Tragically Hip were coming along too, I had visions of the legendary rock band playing on an ice floe while polar bears nipped at their guitar cords. As it turns out, the Hip and Boyden were in Fort Albany, Ontario to attend The Great Moon Gathering, an annual conference that brings together teachers from all of the eight Omushkego Education Authorities and surrounding communities.

Author Joseph Boyden (right) and singer/songwriter of the Tragically Hip, Gord Downie check out an ice fishing hole on James Bay.

At the Great Moon Gathering, a local craftsman demonstrates how to construct a tamarack goose. The Cree hunters of James Bay originally used the life-sized tamarack birds as decoys during their annual spring and fall hunts.

Author Joseph Boyden (middle) and CBC Radio host Shelagh Rogers (right). The two were attending The Great Moon Gathering.

Members of the Tragically Hip meet with local rock band, Northern Revolution.

Gord Downie (left) of the Tragically Hip performs with local band, Northern Revolution.

The Tragically Hip perform at The Great Moon Gathering.