Harper in Chicago: $110 million per year for Afghan military

The prime minister held a press conference here at the NATO summit in Chicago. He confirmed a firm end to the Canadian military mission in Afghanistan in March 2014. He also announced a Canadian contribution of $110 million per year for three years, 2015-2017, to support the Afghan military.


“It’s a generous contribution. Canada has played a leading role in the Afghan mission and we want to ensure its continued success. And I wanted to make sure that our contribution  set an example for other allies to continue to contribute and I think we accomplished that.”


The estimated bill for Afghan military force, envisaged as a force of 228,500, is $4.1 billion.  NATO allies other than the US are expected to put in $1.3 billion per year. The US and members outside of NATO are expected to contribute 2.3 billion of the cost and Afghanistan will contribute $500 million per year, according to NATO.