Here Be Golden Globe Nominees

The fine organization that honoured Pia Zadora for her breakout performance in Butterfly has announced its latest round of nominations in both film and TV.

Some of the film nominations are a bit crazy if not quite up to the Zadora tradition — with both Alice in Wonderland and Burlesque up for “best motion picture – comedy or musical” and multiple The Tourist nominations — but the TV nominations are more standard, even depressingly reasonable. Katey Sagal getting a nomination for Sons of Anarchy is good news; like her long-suffering colleague Ed O’Neill, she’s never been nominated for an Emmy, and I welcome anything that might finally shame the Academy into noticing she exists. (Though she and O’Neill repeatedly got Golden Globe nominations in the ’90s and it didn’t seem to make the Emmy people wake up.)

Also, the people who nominate these things seem to really love Showtime, handign out nominations not only to Dexter and Nurse Jackie but The Big C. Someday award nominators are going to notice that Showtime is not what it was when Robert Greenblatt was there, but for now they’ve got a nice little operation going, where they get all the award attention of a prestige network even though they don’t necessarily do much to earn it. Oddly, Weeds, which had a good comeback season, got shut out, but I probably shouldn’t try too hard to think of these nominations in terms of which show had the best season, as opposed to which show the network was pushing hardest and which ones the voters had heard of. This also explains why 30 Rock was the only NBC comedy that got a nomination.


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