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Highlights and reaction to Lance Armstrong’s ‘tell all’ Oprah interview

How did Armstrong do? To quote Twitter: ‘Um, well, I’d have to say not super great’


Twitter has little sympathy with #Lance

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Lance Armstrong admitted to Oprah in an exclusive interview aired Thursday that he took EPO and other performance-enhancing drugs during his cycling career. 

While Armstrong denied in the past taking such drugs, many of his teammates had said that not only did Armstrong dope, but he also forced his team to dope. With the overwhelming evidence against him from a U.S. Anti-Doping Agency report, Armstrong finally decided to come clean. 
While news has circulated for days that the seven-time Tour de France winner admitted to taking performance-enhancing drugs during the pre-taped interview, many were still keen to watch it themselves and see what his reasons were for the cheating and the years of lies.
Playing #BingostrongTap Tap
Play the Lance Armstrong Oprah interview drinking game #liestrong http://pic.twitter.com/ZzJAjSmWgriffin
When the interview got underway, Oprah started with the a series of yes or no questions.
Oprah is bringing it. Interview with Lance armstrong now on the OWN network. http://pic.twitter.com/cHc9tg7CDina Kupfer
Lance says "yes" to EPO, blood doping,etc. for all 7 tour victories #owntv #nextchapterMihira Lakshman
LATEST: "I used drugs and I’m sorry" Armstrong tells Oprah > http://thetim.es/U56BHs http://pic.twitter.com/RmgyC54bThe Times of London
Lance confessed within seconds after the interview commenced. I guess the rest of the interview will be devoted to explanations & apologies.Kubi Michael Udofia
What a snivelling, lying, cheating little wretch @lancearmstrong revealed himself to be tonight. I hope he now just disappears. #LiveWrongPiers Morgan
The fraud Lance Armstrong admits to Oprah he doped. About time.Dan Rafael
But while Armstrong said he would be forthcoming, many watching felt his explanations were lacking. Armstrong declined to answer certain questions in detail. And after years of lying, even under oath, many wondered why should they believe his testimony to Oprah now?
not watching Lance Armstrong’s interview w/Oprah. he told too many lies to believe he’s contrite now. or anything else he says.Helene Elliott
Lance reminds me most of the unconvincing bit actors playing unconvincing witnesses in the early Law & Order episodesBrian Timoney
Lance clearly has been coached on his responses. Short on specifics. I don’t recall. I don’t remember. Doesn’t appear contrite at all.Raymond J Ramsey Esq
He’s got a list in his head of truths he can tell and truths he can’t, and you can see him parsing them in real time.Bruce Arthur
Armstrong did, however, say that he was clean during his last two Tour de France events in 2009 and 2010—to many skeptic listeners.
Lance says 2005 is the last time he doped. Said he was did clean in 2009 and 2010. That’s the narrative he’ll push hard.Richard Deitsch
I don’t believe for a second that Lance was clean in 2009 and 2010.Bruce Arthur
Lance Armstrong’s epitaph (via @crispinheath). http://twitpic.com/bvqi8tGraham Pugh
And when Lance Armstrong says something is "true," you can take it to the bank.scottfeschuk
#LieStrong – still saying he never failed a test at the time. But now he has "retroactively" failed them?Shannon du Plessis
The rest of the interview did not do wonders for Armstrong’s image either.
"Not good." — How Lance feels about calling a woman a prostitute.Bruce Arthur
Wow did @lancearmstrong just compare EPO and blood transfusions to air in his tires and water in his bottles?? WOW just WOW.Anna
The Lance interview is pretty compelling but I dont believe a word he says. Although I’m learning a lot about problem skin #commercials#ownDarren Dutchyshen
Says he’s a jerk and a humanitarian. His epitaph is written.T.J. Quinn
I’m no publicist, nor am I someone who can analyze body language, but Lance probably shouldn’t be laughing/smiling at some of these things.Corey Pronman
Wow, #Armstrong says it did not feel wrong to dope, didn’t feel bad & didn’t think he was cheating. Really?!Vidya Kauri
If Lance’s goal in this interview was to generate sympathy.. he’s off to a terrible start.trey wingo
It’s so strange that after all these years, Lance Armstrong suddenly seems like he’s not a very good liar.Bruce Arthur
"I’ll spend the rest of my life trying to earn back trust and trying to apologize to people…for the rest of my life" – Lance ArmstrongSportsCenter
The interview is scheduled to be broadcast over two days, but some felt the first hour-and-a-half was not the most riviting television.
Lance Armstrong without a bike or a bracelet is just as boring as you always thought he was.Lorraine Sommerfeld
Lance, if you’re going to confess, then confess. Don’t make me watch these Drew Barrymore promos if you’re just gonna half-ass this thing.Dan Robson
Thank God the #Heat game is starting soon. Lance put me to sleepJorge Sedano
Lance Armstrong is pretty dull for a drug kingpin.jasoncherkis
I’m more intrigued to see how many people watch this Oprah special tonight than I am by any of Lance’s answers.Erin Bury
But there were jokes aplenty on Twitter to keep things entertaining.
I didn’t think much of Lance Armstrong, but now think even less of him: HE NEEDS A STRAW FOR HIS WATER??scottfeschuk
Okay, not bad Oprah. Time for the important question: Was he strong enough to be Sheryl Crow’s man? #LieStrongJames
In my day, you confessed to the world about a lifetime of lying and cheating on Oprah, you wore a tie.Chris Wilson-Smith
Lance Armstrong admits to doping. #Oprah #LanceArmstrong #livestrong #OwnTheMoment #owntv http://pic.twitter.com/ouPuXsWbMike Carroccetto
Best hashtags of the night: 1) #Doprah 2) #LiveWrong 3) #LieStrongGS Elevator Gossip
Gotta admit it: This is making me think twice about blood doping. But my house has so many stairs.scottfeschuk
Lance: "So, be honest with me, how am I doing?" Twitter: "Um, well, I’d have to say not super great."Joe Posnanski

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