Hologram Bob Hope Must Host the Oscars

I thought Eddie Murphy wasn’t a bad choice for Oscar host, considering the nature of the show and what it requires. I guess I was wrong. Or at least, since he’s quit, we’ll never find out one way or another. But let’s put it this way: if he felt he couldn’t perform without the guidance of Brett Ratner, then you have to figure that he probably wasn’t going to be very good anyway.

Now comes the fun part, where the Academy runs around trying to find a new host. (Also a new producer, but let’s be honest here: the producer doesn’t matter that much, because the Oscar show is pretty much the same every year. The producer of a show like this mostly makes a difference in the bits that most people don’t care about – the comedy bits, which are mostly the same from year to year. The bulk of the show is taken up by stuff that is out of the producer’s control.) If Hologram Bob Hope is not available or not compatible with the new operating system, then I don’t have a lot of suggestions. Conan O’Brien would have been a possibility if his show were a bigger hit. There will probably be at least some Ricky Gervais talk, which wouldn’t excite me personally, but would excite Hollywood – and Hollywood is what this show is for, after all. Other than that, we’ll just have to wait and see who they get, but we can safely predict that no matter who they get, we’ll all gather online to complain about how boring the show is.

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