How they do it in South Korea


The Associated Press explains why things got so shovey and grabby, and recalls last year’s sledgehammer incident. The Guardian recalls other great moments in parliamentary fisticuffs.

Coincidentally, I was researching something the other day and came across the following incident in a February 1997 dispatch from Canadian Press on a particularly testy day in the Commons.

Outside the Commons, Liberal Joe Fontana got into a wild shouting match with Reform MPs Jim Abbott, Jim Gouk and Randy White. At one point, someone suggested the argument move outside the building, reminiscent of last week’s bare-knuckle threat in the Commons by Reformer Darrel Stinson.

Stinson had apparently rolled up his sleeves and asked Liberal John Cannis if he might like to settle their disagreement with fists, as recalled in this compendium of parliamentary nastiness.

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