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Hypothetical austerity


The Globe’s Steve Chase reviews yesterday’s elimination of 245 appointments.

At least 46 of the posts the Canadian government is eliminating have never been filled. These are jobs at boards and agencies that were created by past governments but never set up, including the Space Advisory Board, established in 1989 and eligible for 19 appointments by Ottawa…

If all the jobs had been filled, Ottawa would be saving a paltry $1.2-million a year in pay and salaries as a result of these appointment cuts. By comparison, the budget deficit for the year ending March 31 will be $53.8-billion. But only 27 of the 245 jobs being cut are currently filled. A spokeswoman for Mr. Day said the estimated total savings from eliminating these 27 jobs is $53,000 to $62,000 in pay and $37,800 in travel bills.