’I haven’t followed it’

Rick Hillier declines to comment on this week’s events.

Rick Hillier, formerly Canada’s top soldier, isn’t commenting about the recent revelations that Canadian-captured prisoners transferred to Afghan authorities were later tortured.

“I haven’t followed it,” Mr. Hillier said Friday in Halifax. “I’m really not even in the mood or the ability to comment upon it, at this point, because I have not followed it in detail.”

Meanwhile, Defence Minister Peter MacKay and General Walter Natynczyk have been called to appear again before the special committee on Afghanistan. The chair of the Military Police Complaints Commission offers a warning as he departs. In a letter to the Citizen, the former ambassador to Venezuela urges everyone to move on. In a separate letter to the paper, the former ambassador to Brazil explains why he chose not to sign on with other former diplomats in support of Richard Colvin.