In summary

Canadian Press pulls together some of the more relevant bits from Richard Colvin’s letter to the Afghanistan committee. CP also reprints the full text of Colvin’s letter.

The Globe, Star and Sun recap yesterday’s developments and reaction. The Star talks to General Stanley McChrystal. The Globe’s editorial board passes judgment.

The government’s message, as reflected in its talking points, is that Christmas is a season for worrying about Canadian soldiers. If Ottawa had dealt truthfully with the torture issue at any point in the past two years, its call for a pause might have been on firmer ground.

Instead, it has tried to evade, duck and otherwise hide from the obvious fact that everyone and her brother – except those in the upper echelons of the Canadian government and military in Ottawa – knew about the propensity of Afghan authorities in Kandahar to torture prisoners. Long before senior ministers claimed they learned about it by reading The Globe and Mail in April, 2007…

The Conservative government’s handling of the detainee issue reflects poorly on its trustworthiness, managerial competence and ability to apply Canadian values abroad.

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