Insert Weiner Joke Here

Here’s some video of Anthony Weiner’s press conference, where he admitted that the most obvious explanation was the correct one: the picture was of him, he meant to send that picture as a direct message, and accidentally tweeted it publicly. This isn’t the first time he’s done this, though it’s the first time he got caught. The rest of it follows the usual tearful confession-conference pattern, except that a) He says he’s not resigning, and b) Thankfully, his wife is not by his side.

An interesting part of the press conference came before Weiner started speaking, when Andrew Breitbart jumped on to the podium and did a victory lap, claiming vindication for having pursued this story. And this will, I think, raise Breitbart’s profile a lot. (It could bring him closer to being a sort of TMZ for digging up dirt on Democrats, which is not the only thing Breitbart wants to be, but is certainly something he’s fairly good at.) Ever since last year’s Shirley Sherrod incident he’s had some trouble being taken seriously by the hated Mainstream Media, but now he’ll be in good standing on CNN and other networks for at least another year.


As James Poniewozik noted, because Weiner’s announcement came late this afternoon, this will be a night when we can find out exactly how early late-night talk shows tape their episodes: which ones will be able to incorporate something from this press conference? As always, a lot of eyes are on Jon Stewart, who has been able to do some good material on this story based on the fact that he’s Weiner’s friend (turning this into a funny/sad narrative about a host’s conflict between his personal feelings and the irresistibility of topical comedy material).

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