Inspector Brackenreid Speaks

Thomas Craig from Murdoch Mysteries (the second season starts this Tuesday) has an interview at TV Scoop where he talks about the show, as well as his previous role on Coronation Street.


Murdoch is a fun show, a tongue-in-cheek but not campy fusion of the modern procedural with a period setting. In many ways, a lot of episodic TV today is about trying to find a spin on the well-established procedural format; the character types and plot structure are almost pre-determined, so there has to be something else to set it apart from all the other shows with brilliant maverick investigators. Lie To Me and The Mentalist both go for the solution of making giving the central character some kind of gimmick that he can use to solve mysteries; Murdoch‘s solution is to set it over 100 years ago and use that as the gimmick, creating comedy from a well-established source: things that seem normal on today’s procedural shows seem weird and futuristic to these characters. It’s as good a solution as any.

(Link via TV, Eh)