Islamism's growing strength in Britain

A confidential briefing paper for the British government, prepared by a Muslim “counter-extremism” think tank has identified a large number of mosques and Muslim organizations in Britain — especially those that seek to partner with local and national governments — as sharing the same Islamist ideology as al-Qaeda and other terrorist groups.

“Whilst only a small proportion will agree with al-Qaeda’s tactics, many will agree with their overall goal of creating a single ‘Islamic state’ which would bring together all Muslims around the world under a single government and then impose on them a single interpretation of shari’ah as state law,” the Quilliam Foundation report warns. “Local and central governments should be war of engagement with these groups as it risks empowering proponents of the ideology, if not the methodology, that is behind terrorism.”

Here’s the Guardian’s take.

I profiled one of the founders of the Quilliam Foundation here.

I wrote a more in-depth report on Islam and Islamism in Britain — including some of the groups discussed in the Quilliam Foundation’s report — here.

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