It ain't always easy being Canadian -

It ain’t always easy being Canadian

Aaron Hutchins on north of the 49th parallel problems


It ain’t always easy being Canadian

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Most Canadians would agree it’s pretty sweet being Canadian. We are the fifth happiest nation in the world, according to the United Nations World Happiness Report. Canada is also in the top five of the world economic freedom rankings, ninth in the wind energy rankings and the reigning men and women’s Olympic hockey champions.

Despite these accomplishments, there are still some things to overcome when living north of the 49th parallel, as emphasized by the hashtag #strugglesofbeingcanadian, which was trending on Twitter over the weekend. Here’s a look at some so-called Canadian problems:

#StrugglesOfBeingCanadian trying to draw the maple leafCaitlin Thibodeau
#strugglesofbeingcanadian awkwardly running for the door that someone is holding for you 30 feet away.Mehwish Somani
#strugglesofbeingcanadian your sock coming off with your snowbootNat
#strugglesofbeingcanadian Sharma
#strugglesofbeingcanadian It’s almost spring! Nah, just kidding.. Here’s a massive snowstorm instead.Cause We’re Canadian
#strugglesofbeingcanadian ✿
#strugglesofbeingcanadian the debate between fashion or freezing to deathCause We’re Canadian
#StrugglesOfBeingCanadian FAVOURITE. Stupid auto correct eh?§haun
Saying sorry to someone who bumps into YOU…#strugglesofbeingcanadian
#StrugglesOfBeingCanadian colouring Nunavut on a map.Imperfect Porcelain
“@CanGirlProblems: "Hey do these Uggs clash with my bar outfit?" #StrugglesOfBeingCanadian” @LILw00342 @melyssacaraDest
#strugglesofbeingcanadian People always blame you for Nickleback.Pope Von Linguini™
#strugglesofbeingcanadian Going to another country and there’s no TimmiesJean-Claude Acuna ™✈
#StrugglesOfBeingCanadian when snow goes down the top of your boots because it’s so deeptaylor⋆
#strugglesofbeingcanadian Shovel driveway. *10 minutes later* shovel driveway.CALIWLIW
Trying not to look at the U.S. price when buying a book. #strugglesofbeingcanadian Carletti
#strugglesofbeingcanadian Buying 200 coffees during the Tim Hortons ‘Roll Up The Rim’ contest, and only winning a doughnut.Heather R.
#StrugglesOfBeingCanadian spell check is Americanized. It’s colour not "color", frigEric Wilcox
#strugglesofbeingcanadian having only 2 seasons: snow and construction.Mel
#strugglesofbeingcanadian nothingGood luck Bryan

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