It's a Day For Canada To Be Validated By The U.S.

First the President comes to Canada (he came here first! He likes us best! In your face, Mexico!) and now CBS announces that they’re following up on Flashpoint by picking up a second CTV cop show, The Bridge, starring Aaron “Tyrol” Douglas.

The show is based on the reminiscences of former police union head and radio personality Craig Bromell. Since he’s a fairly controversial figure in Canada, there might be some controversy about the show (I said might) or its take on the nature of police work. But that shouldn’t be a factor in the U.S., where Bromell is unknown and where, more importantly, almost every cop show ever made features cops who are simultaneously battling scummy criminals and red tape from their superiors.

CHIEF: You busted up that crack house pretty bad, McGarnigle.  Did you really have to break so much furniture?
McGARNIGLE: You tell me, Chief.  You had a pretty good view from behind your desk.
CHIEF: You’re off the case, McGarnigle!
McGARNIGLE: You’re off your case, Chief!
CHIEF: What does that mean, exactly?
HOMER: It means he gets results, you stupid chief!
LISA: Dad, sit down.