It's a Trap!

This scene from last night confirms that Admiral Akbar’s line from from Return of the Jedi is now a full-on universally-acknowledged meme. Because I am lacking in Star Wars knowledge, I never used to know what people meant when they would yell “It’s a trap!” and then giggle. But eventually it became clear.

I guess mocking one weird or redundant line in a movie is nothing new. My Dad told me that he and others used to quote a moment in this one movie where Pedro Gonzalez-Gonzalez said “The sheep have come in!” Just quoting “the sheep have come in!” was a meme before the word “meme” was invented.

Actually, “It’s a trap!” references appear to go back to the ’90s, the same time that Dave on NewsRadio was being pilloried by his co-workers for knowing that Boba Fett was an intergalactic bounty hunter.