It's Their Life, Their Dream, And Nothing's Gonna Stop Them From Re-enacting the Intro

Via Pop Candy, two guys in Seattle re-enact the Perfect Strangers main title, moving everything from the Windy City to the Rainy City:

Maybe it’s just because I saw it first, but I still kind of prefer the lower-budgeted version uploaded almost four years ago (yes, YouTube has been around a while, hasn’t it? feels shorter) by two guys at Slippery Rock University in Pennsylvania. I think what I like about their version is that they included the credit for “William Bickley and Michael Warren,” without which this show never seemed quite complete.

Notice that the version of the credits everybody re-enacts is actually the second version. In the first two seasons, theree was a different intro that placed more of an emphasis on two guys trying to make their dreams come true in the cold, cruel city while working dead-end jobs. Like a male Laverne and Shirley with some ripoffs of Taxi and Bosom Buddies and Moscow On the Hudson thrown in.

That wasn’t working for the ’80s audience, so the show was re-tooled, giving the characters awesome jobs and a totally carefree life. That’s when they shot all the famous footage of the two cousins having a great time in Chicago. The main title defined the show, what it was trying to do, and how it differed from what it had been. And that’s why shows need main titles.

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