Jim Flaherty's permanent tax on everything (II)

Jim Flaherty, April 10, 2008. We’ve done our stimulus at the federal level but we really needed the province to do its part, and of course we’re also calling on the remaining provinces that have not harmonized their PST with the GST to work with us to accomplish that goal of harmonization. That would be a great tax burden relief for businesses in Ontario that’s certainly needed.

Jim Flaherty, Oct. 23, 2008. Being from Ontario, as you may have heard, I have a bit of a challenge with my provincial government and I’m gently nudging Premier McGuinty and the Government of Ontario and encouraging them in the direction of reducing the burden of business taxes in that province and, importantly, since that province and a few others are not harmonized, to harmonize the PST and the GST in those provinces, which would be the single most important step that could be done to help relieve the tax burden on business … we need harmonization of sales taxes in some provinces.

Dimitri Soudas, tonight“If any Ontarian is concerned about this provincial decision (on tax harmonization), they should contact his or her MPP … We said that we would accept the decision of any provincial government to proceed with the harmonization of the sales tax, but ultimately the decision is a decision that needs to be made by the provinces.”