John and Jim go way back

John McCallum, Apr. 26, 2006. Mr. Speaker, he has confirmed that he is both incompetent and fleecing the poor. I have a question concerning a more immediate issue with regard to the budget information just released by the member for Halton. The Minister of Finance has two choices: either he will tell the House that this information is wrong or he will admit that his budget is seriously flawed and immediately resign. Which will it be?

John McCallum, Nov. 1, 2006. Mr. Speaker, let me explain to the House what the Minister of Finance offers. He offers a gross failure to manage the economy, a betrayal of investors who mistakenly took the minister and the government at their word, the single biggest blow to the wealth of Canadians ever dealt by a finance minister and a banana republic process, bringing disrepute to Canadian capital markets. It is obvious that the minister has been a disaster on this file. When will the Prime Minister fire him?

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