John Manley, CEOs, propose details on perimeter security

The Canadian Council of Chief Executives, the business group headed by former deputy prime minister John Manley, who worked closely with then-DHS secretary Tom Ridge on the “smart border” initiative in the wake of 9/11, has issued its proposal to the US and Canadian governments as part of the “beyond the border” public consultation process that Harper and Obama launched in February. Working groups in each country are preparing an “action plan” aimed at improving the flow of goods and services and cross-border trade .

The group, which represents 150 CEOs of large companies, make a wide range of proposals that they say could be implemented immediately or within two years.

Some of their suggestions include:

On border security:

– Move cargo inspections away from the border to the factor gate for trusted frequent shippers,

– A pilot project to eliminate border re-inspections for meat that has already been inspected within earch country

– Raise duty-free allowances and gift exemptions

– Inspect goods coming from outside of the US/Canada only once upon entry rather than re-inspecting at the border

– Automated information sharing on entry/exit data at the land border

– Align passenger screening programs

– Canada should invest in more biometric technology compatible with existing US systems

On regulatory cooperation:

– Canada should update is copyright legislation

– Eliminate country of origin labeling for meat

– Eliminate agricultural inspection fees

– Harmonize food safety and animal health standards

– Develop energy and environment accord with common standards on advanced technologies

– Align ‘market-driven energy policies’

– Streamline energy infrastructure approvals

– Avoid border charges on greenhouse gas emissions

– Cooperate on clean energy projects

The full document is here.

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