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Let us settle this virtually


To Twitter we go.

mpjamesmoore I see Lib MP Carolyn Bennett, one of the loudest, nastiest & most frequent hecklers in Parliament complains about heckling in the Star today

Carolyn_Bennett James Moore nds 2 understand difference between heckling at WHOPPERS&insensitvity.Here’s my takehttp://www.thestar.com/News…

Mr. Moore was similarly scolding of Gilles Duceppe’s behaviour last week. And for sure Mr. Moore comes by his understanding of inappropriate heckling quite honestly.

(To his misfortune, that one is preserved in Hansard for all eternity. To his credit, when a complaint was filed with the Speaker, Mr. Moore stood, apologized and withdrew the remark. Two days later, Dean Del Mastro was caught using the same word and refused to do likewise.)