Man vs. CAPTCHA: Ticketmaster just improved your odds of winning the battle

Aaron Hutchins deciphers what just happened to the squished, angled jumble of letters out to test if you're a robot

CAPTCHA: When the human-test became too difficult

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Proving you are a human just got a little easier. Those who have ever bought sport or concert tickets online are probably familiar with the sometimes impossible word puzzle to prove one is, in fact, a real person.
Just failed this captcha hardcore. Help? http://pic.twitter.com/nRnb1cvsQuin Acciani
The puzzle, known as CAPTCHA, was designed to prevent computer programs from buying all the tickets within a few seconds. The premise was that the squished, angled jumble of letters and numbers would only be decipherable for humans. In some cases, however, it proved too tough for almost anyone.
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Did you know? CAPTCHA stands for "Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart".Amber Case
Every time I fill out a captcha I’m reminded how much smarter the average robot must be compared to me.l y d i a j a n e
As a result, Ticketmaster will be testing a new system of puzzles in the coming weeks, scrapping the CAPTCHA jumble for simpler questions.
Yay! No more Captcha when buying tickets from Ticketmaster!Tara Salt
wow..new update for ticketmaster app gets rid of CAPTCHA..somehow @Ticketmaster came to their sensesAdam Itkin
Woah. LiveNation turned off captcha on their iPhone app? Instant 1000% usability improvement!Noel Walling
The Associated Press reports that those using Ticketmaster will soon see common phrases or have to solve simple multiple choice questions. One example the article provided is “‘which one is a country?’ followed by a drop-down menu of answers including ‘monster truck’,’puppy’ and ‘Spain.'” The system will analyze digital clues to see if the one answering is human or not.
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The quiz can also come in the form of an advertisement. “A puzzle sponsored by Southwest Airlines Co. makes buyers enter the words ‘Bags Fly Free,'” the AP wrote. Before, in some CAPTCHA cases, people had to wait for an advertisement to end before they could get to the test.
If the new system works out and becomes widely implemented, this could be the beginning of the end for CAPTCHA. Should that be the case, let’s look back at some of the best—and most difficult—tests it could offer.
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