Millionaire Celebrities Are Such Good Sports

The most buzzed-about commercial of the Super Bowl cycle so far (it’s early yet) seems to be this promo for CBS’s Late Show With David Letterman. As you can see at the link, it’s based on an earlier Super Bowl spot featuring Dave and Oprah. And it’s been confirmed that all three participants in this promo were together for the taping.

Like everything Jay does, this can be interpreted in two ways depending on what you think  of him; comment online already falls into the “see, Jay’s a good sport” and “see, Jay will even sell out his own network” camps. It’s really just another reminder that celebrity “feuds” are mostly done for the sake of publicity, and they will gladly appear together and plug each other’s shows if it gets them some extra publicity.

Update: It seems that Letterman was hoping to have Conan on the couch as well, but O’Brien didn’t bite. That could be because was in the middle of finishing up his last round of Tonight shows and he didn’t have time to consider it. But many of us will prefer to think that it was because unlike Letterman, whose bitterness is probably largely an act at this point (look, he didn’t get the Tonight Show, but he basically got everything he wanted on another network), O’Brien is not ready to play Good Sport. And probably shouldn’t be.